"We are trying to make good music so that money generated from our album and concerts sales could be used for the unprivileged kids around the country." - Mt8848

They might not be much familiar in Hong Kong, but these immensely talented five band members Pharendra Limbu(Bass), Darsan Rai(Vocal), Nirmal Gartaula(Lead Guitar), Ritesh Puri (Rhythm) and youngest among them Binod Lama (Drum) has left a huge impact in Katmandu and outside valley with their musical career for past two years. They had performed in various part of Nepal and given numerous super hit songs like "Maski Maski", "Budeskaal Ko Lathi" ets etc. Their nobel thought like contributing the sum that they collected from their concert provides education to 308 children around the nation. They are not only good musicians but also good human beings too. Providing on line interview with them taken by Keran Limbu, exclusively for Bagaicha.Com.

Keran - How did you guys get into the Music world?

Mt8848 -  Well long before the formation of the band, one way or the other we were always involved in music. We all are teachers by profession and since we all shared the strong interest in music, we decided to give a try for an album. So during the holidays we started working on compositions and lyrics. Soon enough one thing started leading to another and after six months of time we had an album in our hands. That’s how Mt. 8848 came to an existence.


Keran - What’s the inspiration behind this band? 

Mt8848 - We believe everyone has different ways of drawing inspiration from different things. We always wanted to do social service but only if we could get our own terms and conditions to work with. Since music is the only thing we knew better than any other, we (friends) decided to form a band and produce an album. Like as luck would have it, the album was a massive hit and we are very thankful to the almighty, now that we have been able to sponsor 308 unprivileged kids to the various government schools of the country. Basically it’s our interest and love for the music and social work that has driven us so far.  


Keran - How did you come up with the idea to collaborate?

Mt8848 -I guess the advantages of having a band come when the sharing of ideas, compositions and creativities are concerned. We all listen to different genre of music. Like Darshan is heavily into rock n’ roll, Nirmal is fully into eastern classical, Fare in country rock and Binod is addicted to hip-hop and alternatives. I guess that’s the reason we have so many kinds of music in an album. Basically when one of the members brings the composition, we discuss, argue and try collaborating with various crazy ideas to give an extra edge to the composition. 


Keran - Why did you call the band Mt 8848?

Mt8848 - We named it Mt.8848 for the reason solely being that it is the height of the highest summit of the world and that happens to be in Nepal. We just wanted people to know that the band is from Nepal by it's name itself. 


Keran - Which song has the most meaning to your Band?

Mt8848 - The most meaningful song to us is  “Yo Sansar”. The song is about the adult people and their social and moral responsibility that they borne towards the new generation. In this song all we wanted to convey is that; “We didn’t inherit the world from our fore fathers but have borrowed from the future generation.”


Keran -  One of your song "Pugchhu Ma Sathi(60)" is very similar to this song "The free electric band" by Albert Hammond is it a coincidence or you were inspired?

Mt8848 -  To begin with, well even we were taken by surprise when we compared them. We had never heard that band before until the day comparison was made. We could do nothing but laugh our asses off. One of our friends wrote the lyrics and we composed the melody then and there and the very next day it was recorded in a studio. Its funny how one thing at times coincides with another. We wanted to have lyrics like “When I am 64” by Beatles but I guess we even didn’t get close to it.


Keran -  what is your current achievement till today?

Mt8848 - Though we are just an album old  but have managed to win 9th Images Award in Best Rock Band category.  We are lucky enough to have the opportunities to perform in various parts of the country. We believe, providing education to the 308 unprivileged kids around country through the remuneration that we collect from concerts is our highest achievement till this day.


Keran -  What are you doing now, any coming up tours?

Mt8848 - We are pretty much occupied with our up coming album. If things work out as planned perhaps we may release it in August 2009. Well we are leaving for Australia tour on 22nd August, 2009  and probably be there at Honk Kong by the first week of September. We are very much looking forward to the tour since it’s our first abroad tour.


Keran -  What you want to deliver through music?

Mt8848 - It is the beauty about being in this profession. U get opportunity to express every single feelings that u have inside. Well through our music we want to convey that it is one life and it's one life time. So live life to the fullest. And always believe in Karma; for what u give is what you get. 


Keran -  What will you say about the viewers of bagaicha.com and fans of Hong Kong?

Mt8848 - First of all thanks for the opportunity to introduce ourselves in the Honk Kong  based website Bagaicha.com. We are simple yet motivated guys from Nepal. We are trying to make good music so that money generated from our album and concerts sales could be used for the unprivileged kids around the country. Keep listening to us and help us help to contribute to the society that has given us so much.


Interviewed by Keran Limbu for www.bagaicha.com

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 Vishal Rai from United Arab Emirates says on 29 July 2009
hey keran, your doining very good joob, keep it up. i'm enjoying to read your interviews with nepalese Band...!cheers

 kubir from Nepal says on 24 July 2009
well..well.. thats the good one

 robin from Hong Kong says on 24 July 2009
yeah keep it up guys. i like yo idea of charity for unprivileged children.

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